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The Overworld is the main and starting dimension in main game Minecraft and also is where you start playing the Galacticraft mod when you create a world.

The home planet

For getting started in Galacticraft, refer to Tutorials/Galacticraft Getting Started Guide

In the context of the mod, the Overworld represents the real-life Earth, full of life, with fertile soil, plenty of resources, flowing water, animals, breathable air and normal weather -- without the risks the space has reserved to the player.

The Overworld is where everyone starts off in Galacticraft. Here you build your home base, spend your first period of time in the game gathering resources to develop space technology from here onward and built your first rocket to start your travel in the space.

For more information about vanilla Overworld, refer to:

Galacticraft Features

The Overworld generated on Galacticraft will be slightly different than the one created solely on vanilla Minecraft. Additional features as follows:

  • Crude Oil Pockets: small crude oil pockets that are generated underground in low altitude and flat biomes (e.g. Plains, Swamps, Oceans);
  • Orbital sky: if the player is riding any vehicle or animal above Y=400, a sprite of the Overworld is rendered beneath the player, as if the player were leaving the planet. Not working well with Optifine (see Compatibility);
  • Re-entry: if the player is in the space station and goes below y=30, the player will spawn in the Overworld dimension, high up in the atmosphere, and fall (Note: keep a parachute in your inventory to avoid dying from fall damage).
  • Suffocation at high altitudes: players starts suffocating if they are above Y=450, therefore Breathing Equipment is required in order to breath at such high altitudes (as seen in this video).
  • Space debris: instead of burning up in the atmosphere or lost in space, items fallen from a space station dimension may reappear in the Overworld at the same x-z-coord where they fell from as if fallen from the sky (as seen in this video). The aim is to try to reduce item loss during a space dimension construction or if something accidentally brakes a chest.

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