Space Station Arrival Block

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Space Station Arrival Block
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Space Station Arrival Block







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Space Station Arrival Block, formerly Space Station Base, is a technical block that is generated upon the creation of an Overworld Space Station. It is to create a safe and unobstructed area (1x1x2) where the player can spawn with no other solid block occupying the place.

The base is made of an opaque solid block, a pedestal, where the player spawns standing on it, and 2 transparent and solid blocks, above the pedestal, where the player spawns inside of them. The player can leave but cannot return.

It does not set the player spawnpoint, so it is possible to break the base on creative mode and players can still spawn in the station. It does not protect the player from dying of suffocation for lack of oxygen.

Space Station Base will be always generated at 0,64,0. It is unobtainable on survival or creative mode, unless by command /give @p GalacticraftCore:tile.spaceStationBase. You can manually place them. Internally there are called tile.spaceStationBase.


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