Solar Dust

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Solar Dust
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Solar Dust



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Solar Dust is a raw material used in the Circuit Fabricator for manufacturing the Solar Array Module.

Currently it is found only through mining Solar Ore on Venus. Solar Dust can`t be crafted.


Place it in the top-right "ingredient" slot in a Circuit Fabricator.

Used to create 3 Solar Array Wafer's

Unofficial Lore

Here is some unofficial lore given by a user called DANG-R:

"Solar Dust was created on Venus milions of years ago, when the solar system was full of asteroids and other celestial bodies flying around and crashing into eachother. When the planet was just a lump of space rock, an enormous gas giant hit the Sun, effectively spreding its particles all across the system. These small lumps were made out of a material called Solar Dust. Most of them escaped Sun`s sphere of influence, but others synthesized with other celestial bodies. Venus was the closest to the impact, so over 50% of all the material hit its surface. As hundreds of years came by, Venus experienced heavy asteroid bombardment and also a hit of a whole moon, covering the remaining dust in space rock."

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