Oxygen Pipe

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Oxygen Pipe
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Oxygen Pipe



Oxygen etc


This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest


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The Oxygen Pipe and Hydrogen Pipe are not present in Galacticraft 4 - instead, in Galacticraft 4, the Fluid Pipe does the job of both.

In Galacticraft 3, the Oxygen Pipe is a block that is used to transfer Oxygen between machines, like an Oxygen Collector to an Oxygen Bubble Distributor or Oxygen Compressor.

It is used in the creation of the Sealable Oxygen Pipe, Oxygen Gear, and the Air Lock.


To place an Oxygen Pipe, simply point at a solid surface, or a suitable machine or another pipe of same kind and right-click. The pipes will self-connect if placed next to another pipes or a suitable machine.

No tool is required to break pipes.

Dyed Oxygen Pipe

It is possible to dye oxygen pipes just by applying dyes directly on them. Simply right-click on a pipe with the desired color of dye on your hand. One piece of dye will be used for each piece of pipe to be dyed. Since pipes of different colors will not interconnect, this method can be used to keep the pipes apart and separate supply systems when there is not enough space.

Breaking a dyed oxygen pipe will drop the pipe itself with no color and the dye.

Dyed Oxygen Pipe

Crafting Recipe

Glass_Pane Glass_Pane Glass_Pane Grid layout Arrow (small).png Oxygen_Pipe6
Glass_Pane Glass_Pane Glass_Pane

Note: the recipe output was 4 Oxygen Pipe prior to Galacticraft

Crafting Uses

Galacticraft 2:

Tin Decoration Block Oxygen Pipe Tin Decoration Block Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sealable Oxygen Pipe

  Oxygen_Pipe   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Oxygen_Gear
Oxygen_Pipe Oxygen_Concentrator Oxygen_Pipe
Oxygen_Pipe   Oxygen_Pipe

Basic Components:

Meteoric Iron Ingot Meteoric Iron Ingot Meteoric Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Air Lock Frame
Steel Ingot Oxygen Pipe Steel Ingot
Oxygen Concentrator Redstone Oxygen Concentrator