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Spacesuit Inventory Tab

Spacesuit Inventory is a tab that Galacticraft adds in the vanilla player inventory so that the player can manage their own personal life support system necessary to survive and work in space. In this tab a player can equip armor (like in vanilla), breathing equipment, thermal protection and other accessories. The player avatar previewer is also included.


The Spacesuit Inventory Tab is accessed through the vanilla inventory (press E) and then, at the top, by clicking on the tab with an Oxygen Mask, on the right of tab Crafting Table icon (for the vanilla inventory). This inventory can also be closed with E and Esc key.

This tab contains the following slots for:

The player avatar shown in the Spacesuit Inventory tab can be rotated left and right (using the small gray buttons near the avatar's feet) in case you want to see what your skin looks like from the back with breathing equipment on. The avatar does not look at the mouse cursor like in the vanilla inventory tab.

Managing inventory

In Galacticraft 3, items can be shift-clicked into and out of those slots, similar to using armor slots in vanilla Minecraft.

Creative inventory

In Creative mode, Galacticraft-related items can be found in two tabs: Galacticraft Blocks and Galacticraft Items. In these tabs, it is possible to find all blocks and items from survival (with some exceptions, like Breathable Air or Space Station Arrival Block). The usage of these tabs is similar to those in vanilla.

Galacticraft Blocks tab, the one with an Electric Compressor icon, contains blocks, such as liquids, machines, natural blocks, building blocks etc.

Galacticraft Items tab, the one with a Tier 1 Rocket icon, contains items and some entities, such as vehicles, tools, weapons, armor, food, machine components etc.

Galacticraft Spawn Eggs, that spawn Galacticraft mobs, are not in either tab. They are found in the vanilla Miscellaneous tab.

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