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Generated structures are group of blocks arranged to compose the terrain or to create manmade-like buildings.

Landscape structures

  • Crude Oil Pocket: underground hollow where Crude Oil can be found and extracted. Found only in the Overworld.
  • Impact crater: circular pit in the surface of a planet or moon, varying in width and normally about 5 to 8 blocks deep.
  • Impact basin: similar to impact craters, normally very wide and shallow. Found on the Moon and mainly on Mars.
  • Cave: similar to Vanilla counterpart. Found in the Moon and Mars.
  • Mars Cavern: huge underground hollow with its floor partially covered in Bacterial Sludge and where Cavernous Vines grow from the ceiling. Found only in Mars.
  • Hollow Asteroid: is a hollowed-out asteroid with some kind of "hidden garden".
  • Asteroid core: a group of ore and solid metal blocks found in the center of Asteroids.
  • Lava pool: similar to Vanilla counterpart. Found more commonly in Venus (with Venus Volcanic block) and rarely in Asteroids (with Stone).
  • Pumice deposit: patch of Pumice blocks found in Venus valleys.
  • Acid pocket: a small underground hollow almost full of Sulfuric Acid with a vent atop (Vapor Spout). Found only in Venus Valley biomes.
  • Crash site craters: an impact crater with a Crashed Probe in the bottom. They are rare, like one every 1000 blocks. Found only in Venus.

Building structures

Building structures are affected by the Generate Structures flag in Minecraft's world settings when you create a new world.

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