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Beam Receiver
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Beam Receiver





This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest



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The Beam Receiver is used to send and receive energy beams. Using beams makes for a space-age way to transmit energy between blocks, without needing wires.


The Beam Receiver will attach to the power input (green) or output (red) side of any machine in Galacticraft. When it is attached, the color of the central hub of the Beam Receiver will change to green or red to show if it is in input mode or output mode.

If there is another Beam Receiver nearby or a Beam Reflector, a Beam Receiver in output mode will automatically find it and start beaming energy to it. The beams have a maximum range of 16 blocks, which can be extended using a well-positioned Beam Reflector.

If several Beam Receivers or Beam Reflectors are within range of an output, right-click the output to change the way it connects up.


  • One Beam Receiver can send energy only in one beam (either to a Beam Receiver or to a Beam Reflector)
  • One Beam Receiver can receive energy from multiple beams, as many as you like


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