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Atmospheric Valve
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Atmospheric Valve







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The Atmospheric Valve is an item for use in the Methane Synthesizer and the Gas Liquefier. Used in a slot where a Canister would normally go, it has the effect of opening up a gas tank to the atmosphere, to allow gases in or out.


The Atmospheric Valve can be placed in the item slot above any tank in the Methane Synthesizer and the Gas Liquefier.

It will allow the Carbon Dioxide tank in the Methane Synthesizer to fill with Carbon Dioxide on Mars, which has an atmosphere rich in Carbon Dioxide.

In the Gas Liquefier the Atmospheric Valve will allow the input gas tank to fill with atmospheric gases, which will be different gases depending on the atmospheric composition of the planet where it is used. For example, on the Overworld these atmospheric gases will be a mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen. On Mars these atmospheric gases will be a mix of Argon and Nitrogen (but not Carbon Dioxide because Carbon Dioxide cannot be liquefied: in real life, if carbon dioxide gas is cooled, instead of becoming a liquid it becomes a solid also known as dry ice).

In either of these machines, if the Atmospheric Valve is placed in the item slot above an output tank, it will cause the tank to slowly bleed gas into the atmosphere and its contents will be lost. (If it is a tank of a liquefied gas, for example Liquid Oxygen, it can be considered to be slowly boiling off the liquid in this process.)


  • The machine must have a clear block above it, for the Atmospheric Valve to work (that is why none of these machines has an input or output on the top side)
  • The Atmospheric Valve will not work in a Sealed Space, it must have direct access to the planet's atmosphere.


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