Oxygen Pipes

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Oxygen Pipes
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Oxygen Pipes are used to transfer oxygen from one machine to another.

How to use it

The only purpose of the oxygen pipes so far is to transfer oxygen from the Oxygen Collector to the Oxygen Distributor. You simply place the oxygen pipe on the collector, and trail it to the oxygen distributor. If there is a hole in the pipe, or if it is not properly connected to the Oxygen Distributor, it will not work, but the Oxygen Collector will still collect oxygen, and degenerate the leaves around it. The Oxygen Pipe can only hold 15.
It is worth noting that, unlike aluminum wires, the oxygen pipes do not 'leak' when transporting over longer distances.

Crafting Recipe

Glass_Pane Glass_Pane Glass_Pane Grid layout Arrow (small).png Oxygen_Pipe4
Glass_Pane Glass_Pane Glass_Pane

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